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You know what they say about people looking like their pets? Well, that was probably meant in a cute way by whoever originally made the observation — rather than to insinuate that both owner and pet looked gaunt, underfed and a little bit scary.

Here, the malnourished, skeletal Kate Bosworth unleashes a smile (but not companion Lila) on Friday in New York City, where she spent the week celebrating Olympus Fashion Week. Yikes. Looking kind of pale, Kate! At least Nicole Richie gives off the impression of eating before she goes back to her home and hurls.

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
(Getty Images)

Lila has apparently been dieting right along with Kate, if you know what we’re saying. We’re saying she does not eat, and as a result, her poor canine pal likely hasn’t had any biscuits since 2003. At least by now the poor thing has probably learned that begging is fruitless.

Dogs are smart.