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Warning to Aaron Carter: Don’t end up like Saddam Hussein Alec Baldwin.

The older, divorced actor may wish to give this much younger singer some advice, now that Carter has proposed to girlfriend, Kari Ann Peniche. The proverbial question was popped on stage in Las Vegas last night.

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Now, the younger brother of Nick from the Backstreet Boys is hoping not to end up like Bobby Brown … or any other dude who is taken for a ride by his wife.

The couple reportedly plans to wed in the next six months.

Peniche, 22, was named Miss United States Teen in 2003, but had her crown revoked after she posed for Playboy. That seems a bit harsh. Just look at these Paris Hilton pictures – does she now lose the title of Sluttiest Hotel Heiress?

Of course not.

Carter, 18, is the youngest solo male singer to have four Top 40 singles. “House of Carters,” a reality show about his life with Nick and their three sisters, premieres next month on E!.

It should bode well for the engagement. After all, reality shows always never end in divorce.