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First, there was Beyonce abusing an alligator.

Then, Kevin Federline causing permanent damage to the ears of mammals everywhere.

Now, the Material Girl is receiving flak for her treatment of baby pheasants.

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It appears as though Madonna doesn’t feel the same way about these birds as she does about orphans in Africa. The singer is being criticized for importing the little pheasants to to her country estate in advance of the start of hunting season next month.

Evidently, customers will be charged up to 10,000 pounds a day to shoot the birds on Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s estate in Wiltshire. We don’t care too much about bird rights … but these two don’t have enough money already?

The director of animal rights group Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, said:

“Shame on Madonna. This is not in harmony with nature. It is the production of factory birds to provide a live shooting gallery.”

A spokesperson for Madonna and Guy confirmed “the estate got 1,000 birds from France, but we won’t be doing it again.”

If activists really want revenge, here’s what they should do: gather all the clean toilets in the world and charge an exorbitant fee for people to sit on them.