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Hey, if you’d ever kissed Dennis Rodman, you’d have germ fears for the rest of your life, also.

So who can really blame Madonna? The Material Paranoid Girl requests a new toilet seat in her dressing room for every night of her Confessions world tour.

Madonna Looks Contemplative in 2020

A source revealed the following to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper:

“The seat has to be inspected by her people, then installed – with an unbroken seal – by plumbers before every gig.”

In defense of everyone’s favorite 47-year old singer, this isn’t such an outrageous demand. There were rumors years ago that Mariah Carey required certain color M&Ms at every show. As Madonna’s spokesperson, Liz Rosenburg, said:

“Who wouldn’t want a new toilet seat wherever they go?”

No, seriously, she wants to know. Leave a comment about the issue please.

Other Madonna requests on tour include:

  • Three candles to protect her from negative vibes and mean-spiritedness
  • A relaxing foot spa complete with lavender and camomile body soak
  • Kabbalah water
  • A love seat

The Gossip is fine with all this. Madonna has earned it. A friendship with Lindsay Lohan, however? Now we have a problem.