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Why is life so good for Christina Aguilera? First of all, look at the singer. She obviously cut the line in the looks department.

Delve beneath the sexy exterior, however, and this pop star has a new album coming out, has legitimized herself as a long-lasting talent in the business and is happily married to music executive Jordan Bratman.

Christina Aguilera at 2019 AMAs
(Getty Images for dcp)

Moreover, Aguilera recently discussed her one true love, that inanimate object that truly gets her motor running. Sorry, fellas, it’s not what you probably were hoping for.

“I am a perfectionist by nature. I’m an organizational freak. My label maker is my best friend. It’s to the point where sometimes it annoys even me,” said the 25-year old.

With Back to Basics set to his stores on August 14, Christina also talked about the opposite career paths of herself and a certain other former member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Just consider where this diva is in life compared to Britney Spears. Aguilera has maintained a low profile, a private life and earned an established, respected spot in the industry.

Britney is married to Kevin Federline.