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Even Dirrrrty girls can get lonely.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Christina Aguilera talks about her beautiful wedding in November – but wishes she had a father figure to walk her down the aisle.

At first, the confident, sexy singer figured the ceremony to wed music executive Jordan Bratman would be fine. She was no daddy’s girl!

Christina Aguilera at 2019 AMAs
(Getty Images for dcp)

“I’m a performer,” Aguilera figured. “I can totally walk myself down the aisle.”

But as she walked toward her groom, the independent woman knwon as “X-tina” realized “it would be really nice to have that male protector in your life, to have felt that your entire life, and to have that one person give you away to the next man that’s going to take care of you.”

How true. It’s the sort thought even a blow-up doll of yourself cannot fix.

Aguilera was 6 when her father, Fausto, and mother, Shelly, separated. Christina and her sister, Rachel, moved with their mom from Staten Island, N.Y., to the Pittsburgh suburb of Wexford, Pa. Aguilera has had virtually no contact with her father since.

With the release of a new album – the two-CD Back to Basics – on the horizon, Aguilera at least has a lot to be excited about. She laments the loss of a male parental figure in her life, but finds inspiration from another performer: Madonna.

“I saw her last tour,” Christina said. “I’m looking at this woman, she’s got two kids at home, (and) she’s still able to do it. She’s got the stamina to be up on that stage, she looks amazing and it’s just really inspiring. And so I look at that and go, ‘Wow, I’m 25, what am I complaining about? I better get off my butt.’ “