Christina Aguilera Makes it a Double

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Double the dirrty.

That's what lucky fans are in for with Christina Aguilera's new album, Back to Basics, when it lands in stores on August 15. MTV reports that the pint-sized, provocative performer is planning to make the release a double disc set.

The RCA records project is led by the single "Ain't No Other Man," which has already been made available for purchase via Apple's iTunes Music Store. Aguilera debuted the track last week at the MTV Movie Awards.

Christina Aguilera at 2019 AMAs

The Pennsylvania native's newest effort finds her paying tribute to soul, jazz and blues from the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Producers DJ Premier and Linda Perry provided her great assistance and promise big things the talented artist.

"They're going to see a whole other side of Christina," Perry told

We assume she means musically. Unlike a certain pop counterpart of Christina's, who's in the news constantly but never for her music.

Other tracks on Back to Basics include "Save My From Myself" (dedicated to Aguilera's new husband, Jordan Bratman), "Candy Man," "I Got Trouble," "Thank You" (which features sampled bits of Aguilera's breakthrough hit "Genie a Bottle") and "Still Dirrty," described by RCA as a sassy club track.

Aguilera is excited about the double CD, which she describes as a compilation of retro, jazz and pop tracks.

"The first half is based upon working with more beat-driven producers and will use samples and things like that, and then the second disc is all me and Linda Perry," she said. "There are no cover songs, so we made more of a '20s, '30s vibe with an authentic and organic twist."

"There are no samples. It's all live music. One of the songs sounds like you entered a 1920s burlesque club, another sounds like it was actually recorded in the 1920s, using a vintage microphone. It's exciting stuff."

The album, which marks her first new release in nearly four years, has a couple of guest performers as well. Rapper Nas is featured on "Still Dirrty," while Bib Boi of Outkast appears on the remixed version of "Ain't No Other Man."

Christina is also the most recent GQ Magazine cover girl, which should give her new CD a healthy publicity boost. To say the least.

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