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Good. Now Michael Jackson can fully focus on his crazy ex-wife.

The King of Pop/Pedaphile’s civil trial came to an end yesterday, as a split jury awarded a former adviser $900,000 – far less than he claimed in the money dispute – and subsequently awarded the pop star $200,000 in his cross-complaint.

F. Marc Schaffel originally sued Jacko for $3.8 million, but his claims were later reduced and his attorney ultimately asked the jury for $1.4 million in unpaid loans and expenses before deliberations began Thursday.

Best Dancer Ever?
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In a civil suit, only nine of the 12 jurors have to agree on a verdict. So when one question from the panel was, “Do all 12 have to be accounted for, or can some abstain?” questions arose about the competency of those chosen for this duty

Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor sent the jurors a message that some could abstain from voting. She didn’t comment on how weird Jackson continues to look, however.

The jury also asked to hear the court reporter read back testimony from Schaffel on how much he claimed was due to him from his business relationship with Jackson. In the end, the aforementioned amounts were agreed upon and Jackson can now move far, far away freely.

Thank goodness.