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Aside from looking downright gorgeous in publicity appearances for The Illusionist, what's Jessica Biel to do in order hype up her new movie?

How about an interview with American Online? Of course! The following is an online conversation this beautiful woman had over Instant Messenger:

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MoviefoneKevin: how are things for ya?
IllusionistJess: things are great, pleasure to be chatting with you today

MoviefoneKevin: why thanks, you too! really enjoyed The Illusionist. what drew you to it?
IllusionistJess: it was a great female character, the opportunity to work in a period drama, and working with a great cast

MoviefoneKevin: were you living out a childhood fantasy by finally getting to play a princess?
IllusionistJess: I think yes, it's every little girl's fantasy to be a princess and wear beautiful gowns, and ride in carriages with yes, it was like a dream. It was like being in a fairy tale.

MoviefoneKevin: with Edward Norton as your prince
IllusionistJess: you couldn't get a better prince than edward :-D

MoviefoneKevin: ha, Prince Edward... Norton seems like a pretty intense dude. you ever get intimidated working with someone like him?
IllusionistJess: I was intimidated every day, but he's such a generous actor, he made me feel incredibly comfortable and I was able to bring my a-game to the table, and match his intensity and passion day in and day out.

MoviefoneKevin: I noticed there's an abundance of facial hair in this movie. Who would you say had the most impressive mustache?
IllusionistJess: Paul Giamatti. Paul had the most impressive mustache, because I think it was mostly real. He'd been growing it for a while. Edward and Rufus (Sewell) augmented their facial hair a bit, had pieces created for their characters.

MoviefoneKevin: are you a fan of facial hair?
IllusionistJess: yes, I love a man with a little scruff.

MoviefoneKevin: so have you ever been blown away by magic?
IllusionistJess: I can't remember the last time I saw an actual magic show, other than working with Edward when he working on his magic for the film. But, I prefer human feats, like, say Cirque De Soleil, to a magic show.

MoviefoneKevin: where did y'all shoot the film?
IllusionistJess: Prague. The Czech Republic is an incredible country.

MoviefoneKevin: did you get to take in the culture and see a lot?
IllusionistJess: I got to shoot in many villages around the Czech countryside, so I got to see a lot of the country. I also had a lot of free time to see all the tourist attractions and really feel like I lived there, and got to know the place.
MoviefoneKevin: were the Czech people pretty familiar with you?

IllusionistJess: No, not at all. I really blended into all the other people, no one paid me much attention. It was more tourists that were coming in from other European countries, like England or Italy, that recognized me. It was wonderful, actually, to just disappear.

MoviefoneKevin: do you think of The Illusionist as an "art" film?
IllusionistJess: Yes and no. It has so many different elements. I find that it's hard to label this film. But you could call it an art film because it's a film about people, about relationships, about dialogue, and it's extremely visually beautiful.

IllusionistJess: On the other hand, all kinds of audiences everywhere are loving it, so it has very wide appeal
MoviefoneKevin: you've done comedy, action, horror, now a period drama/romance -- you consciously try to mix it up like that?

IllusionistJess: Absolutely. Mixing it up is the most wonderful part of being an actor, and also for me personally I love to challenge myself, and I enjoy keeping myself on my toes and having to create new characters that surprise my audience and even surprise themselves.
MoviefoneKevin: you had great chemistry with Ed Norton... who else in Hollywood would you love to work opposite in a romance?

IllusionistJess: Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, and Adrien Brody come to mind ... I mean, who wouldn't want to work with those three?

MoviefoneKevin: you need to sign up for Batman: The Dark Knight!
IllusionistJess: you're right! great idea. I'm on it.

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