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Tell us, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, how do you really feel about the paparazzi?

We can’t read that sign Heath is holding up, but the dueling middle-finger salute H&M are serving up means it probably ain’t positive. He’s probably not being a Joker, one could say. Clank. Anyway, the two were on a Mexican vacation recently, and proudly shared their thoughts with a lucky camera man who caught their eye.

This isn’t the first bad encounter the Oscar-nominated Brokeback Mountain star has had with the paparazzi. Back in June, Heath’s dad told Australia’s Daily Telegraph that the paparazzi was the reason the actor sold his house and moved to the U.S. Why, we’re not sure — it’s not as if the great U.S. of A. is free of tabloids… or sites like this. Thankfully!

Michelle Williams Snapshot
(Getty Images)