Heather Mills Compiles Video Diary of Divorce Hullabaloo

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At least it's not a sex tape.

That's about the only positive spin we can put on the latest Heather Mills news. Reports state that the former Mrs. McCartney has been filming a video diary of events surrounding her divorce from Sir Paul.

Heather Mills Pucker Up

That's just weird. Friend and fellow fur enemy, Paris Hilton, must've given Mills such advice. She knows a lot about making home movies.

According to The Daily Mail, Heather is typically behind the camera, recording the media interest in her life, but at other times one of her assistants takes her place to film key moments, such as when Mills was locked out of Paul's London home; or when she found out their joint bank account had been frozen.

It's the sort of coverage you can entertain dinner guests with for years to come.

A source close to Mills told the newspaper:

"Heather feels that her life has become a bit of a pantomime circus since the split. She is being hounded by paparazzi and has no privacy anymore. Originally she set out to film the photographers at work, to prove what a nuisance they are. Now things have moved on and it's turned into a diary of what happens to her every day."

The same source said the former call girl considers herself "something of a documentary film maker." Kevin Federline also considers himself something of a rapper.

McCartney, however, is worried Mills will use the material to help sway public opinion in her favor.

"Paul was initially happy about Heather filming. His only concern was that she shouldn't film little Beatrice. But now the gloves are off, Paul is worried the filming might be used as just another weapon in Heather's armory," a friend said.

What do you think of the latest from this saga? Whose side are you on?


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I am trying to move on, spend time with my daughter and get on with my charitable work. It's been a terrible period for everyone.

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