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Eager minds and probing cameras again went behind the scenes as the new cast of MTV’s new season of Laguna Beach posed for the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

We compiled a full breakdown of the hot new cast, along with a preview of Season 3 last week. But for those of you who can’t get enough Laguna, our friends at TMZ have a video that features clips of the Cali cuties.

During the shoot with photographer Jim Wright, Caleb, Cami, Kelan, Chase, Tessa and Kyndra let EW in on what we can expect this season — “We do a lot more crazy stuff,” one brags — as well as their favorite bands (Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and their favorite TV shows, which include Family Guy and Grey’s Anatomy.

Kyndra, one of this season’s central characters, even proffered some love advice for Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo’s character on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I want to see if she picks McDreamy… She better,” Kyndra said.