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Phoenix Suns superstar and two-time MVP Steve Nash adamantly denies the rumor that he and singer Nelly Furtado are an item.

The reigning, two-time NBA MVP has been embroiled in a bit of controversy with the Canadian singer during the last week, after Toronto columnist inferred that the two might be involved. Furtado performed at a charity event hosted by fellow Canuck Nash in Canada last summer, and her current single, “Promiscuous,” includes the following line:

Is that the truth or are you talkin’ trash?

Is your game MVP like Steve Nash?

We’ll leave the question of who the heck sings about Steve Nash being MVP (in a song about promiscuity no less) for another time. After the Toronto column surfaced, it spread quickly through the U.S., making the basketball world wonder if Nash had reverted back to his younger days, when he dated stars such as Elizabeth Hurley and Gerri Halliwell.

But Nash, who is married with baby twin girls, vigorously denied the rumor and even made personal calls to several news outlets to set the record straight.

“I’m flattered that [Nelly] put me in her song, but I’m completely in love with my wife and two little baby girls. I met her once – with my wife – when she performed at the game. That’s the only time we ever met.”

There’s probably nothing to the Furtado-Nash story whatsoever, but another conspiracy theory has yet to be broached. Could the star point guard have leaked this rumor himself, solely to deflect questions about his inability to get Phoenix to the NBA Finals, only to deny the rumor after things simmered down?

We may never know.