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Making a relationship work isn’t easy.

Making a marriage work is even harder.

Making a marriage work when you’re Britney Spears and Kevin Federline? That can be downright impossible.

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With an 11-month old son, Sean Preston, the young Spears pregnant for a second time, and K-Fed headed out on tour, the couple’s marriage is under serious strain. This isn’t to say that the Federline family is headed to divorce court, but the pressure is definitely on.

Federline, in an interview with ContactMusic, said that since the couple spends very little time together, making it work is harder than ever.

“It’s definitely going to be hard. It’ll have to be worked at, but that’s every relationship,” a devoted K-Fed sed.

Despite the relationship suffering under the duress of his freeloading their careers, it’s also seen a highlight in the past week. Sean Preston took his first steps earlier in the week, prompting pride from proud papa Federline, who spoke about it to the press.

“He’s still figuring out the whole walking thing. He took his first steps the other day.”

The marital troubles will be taking a back seat, though, as the couple are preparing to renew their vows. The story originally came out after Britney sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer, and now it is looking more and more like a reality. It’s felt that the renewal of the wedding vows will give the couple a chance to celebrate their wedding more elaborately.

Their original wedding, back in 2004, was a rush wedding and held in secret with only 20-30, most of whom weren’t aware they were going to a wedding until they arrived.

Regarding his career, Federline is ready for his bus tour, but doesn’t want to do it alone. Apparently, Federline wants nothing more than to bring a pregnant Britney Spears and a now-walking Sean Preston on the bus tour with him. The Boston Globe quoted Federline as gushing about it.

“I’m going to try to do the bus thing and bring everyone along,” he said, adding that he wants to spend as much time with Britney as he can in order to help his marriage. “I feel bad. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to take her away.”

On the flip side, Britney isn’t being a slouch either.

Despite being eight months pregnant, ContactMusic reports that Spears was spotted heading into Conway Studios (below) where she’s been recording new tracks. Spears even had Sean Preston in tow, so he could get a taste of her mom’s new music. We’re sure he appreciated it.