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Maybe the debut of a new video from Jessica Simpson will change her fortunes. Recent sales figures show that this former Newlywed could use the boost.

Sadly for the 26-year old, her cover issue of OK! magazine – which reportedly pays Simpson up to $1 million per year to pose for half a dozen covers – wasn’t exactly the publication’s top-selling issue of all-time.

Only 540,000 copies of the magazine were moved, a 10% drop from the previous week’s issue. Then again, who could compete with the cover story from that period – the engagement of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Congrats, again, to those love birds!

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Even more troublesome for Jess? The Britney Spears cover three weeks earlier sold 15% more copies. Perhaps Simpson has to marry a worthless, lazy punk in order to bump sales up a bit. Just a thought.

“Jessica was their lowest sale in seven weeks,” am industry insider said. “She’s so over. She’s a bargain-basement star who can only sell $1.99 magazines at best these days.”

Ouch! Rob Shuter, Simpson’s rep countered quite well, referring to that statement as “a silly comment from someone who sounds like an ‘outsider,’ not an ‘insider.'”

The facts back Shuter up. After all, Simpson is booked for the October cover of Glamor – a $3.99 publication.

Point, Jessica!