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Jude Law and Sienna Miller are back for another go of it, or so the pic we found on would suggest that. The pair were spotted, hand in hand, looking at least a little content to be in each other’s company. Peep it:

While it was Miller who forgave Jude’s reported infidelity a while back, when he allegedly boned the nanny, now it might be the other way around. The actress has been seen in Toronto getting cozy on and off the set with James Franco, whoever that is. An actor, most likely.

Law, whose whole name takes up seven letters (how weird is that!) and who seems, like many metrosexuals, to get a lot of ass, has been in a lot of movies over the past couple of years. Just pointing that out. This is a great example of scorned women and metrosexual men taking each other back. It’s really quite touching.

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