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Okay, maybe Jessica Simpson isn’t THAT mature. After greeting ex-husband, Nick Lachey, with a friendly hug last week, Jess went on TRL yesterday and premiered her new video for “A Public Affair.”

Sadly, Vanessa Minnillo – Lachey’s current squeeze – wasn’t hosting the program, leaving viewers without any enjoyable, violent cat fight. But when the video finally came on – involving Simpson skating around with gal pals, Christina Applegate and Eva Longoria – there appeared to be a direct slam at Minnillo.

The Hollywood Gossip

While she’s lacing up her boots, Jessica spots a hunky dark-haired stranger canoodling with a brunette; this supposed slut then has an aggressive fantasy focused on yanking out Simpson’s hair in a fit of jealousy.

And just who plays this female foe? A TV entertainment reporter named Maria Menounos.

We’re not sure if Jessica is trying for any real-life metahpors here, but if she is – well, we’re confused. Didn’t Simpson divorce Lachey?