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Ok, so Joe Simpson possibly blackmailing Nick Lachey over his interactions with Vanessa Minnillio is a bit exciting.

But forget that – what about the recent Nick and Jessica Simpson reunion?!? reports that the former flames had an awkward run-in with one another Friday night at the bar, Hyde.

Jessica Simpson Is 4 Years Sober
Photo via Instagram

A major reason why the air was full of chills? Minnillos was also there.

“Nick walked over to Jessica’s table, gave her a hug and said hello to her and to Ken Paves,” said a source. “It wasn’t the most comfortable situation but it was totally civil and everyone was cool and Jessica was nice.”

At least Jessica wasn’t totally alone. A hair stylist is almost like a boyfriend. Showing she has brains to match her looks, meanwhile, Vanessa stayed behind at Nick’s table.