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The most difficult year of Jessica Simpson’s life ended with a birthday party in Mexico.

Or, maybe we should say the beauty’s fresh start began there.

Now that she’s older, wiser and officially single, Jessica has gained a new perspective on life. She can’t wait to write about it.

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“This last year for me has been a very intense year. It’ll be nice to turn 26 and come into a new year with a different perspective,” Simpson said. “I think every year you become more clear about why it is you’re here. I’ll start a new journal. The colors I choose for my journals always reflect the mood I’m in. If I don’t have the right color pen, I won’t write. I think this new journal will be white. I want a clean, fresh start.”

Jessica might also want to consider green. With the video for her latest song, “A Public Affair“, hitting TVs across the nation on Wednesday, it should be a prosperous time for Ashlee’s older sister.