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Sure, Britney Spears‘ public image has taken a beating. But has it really fallen to the level of terrifying rapper and convicted felon Lil’ Kim?

At least one high-profile publicist thinks so, and is trying to lure Mrs. Federline away from the dark side as a result.

In an e-mail sent to Britney’s manager and leaked to Lloyd Grove, Tracey Nguyen of 5WPR writes that the pop princess is in a similar position as Lil’ Kim (also Nguyen’s client) was two years ago and in dire need of a thorough image rehabilitation.

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For the record, Lil’ Kim just got out of prison last week after serving a ten-month sentence for perjury. While nude Britney Spears pics showing off the singer’s pregnant body in a magazine may never be construed as tasteful, she’s clearly not in Kim’s disturbing league.

But Nguyen echoes the sentiments of The Gossip and many other celebrity new sources when she attacked Spears’ current public relations rep, Zelnick.

“I would never allow any of my clients to do an interview, let alone such an important one, without being there,” Nguyen said, in reference to the pathetic display Spears put on in her Dateline NBC chat with Matt Lauer.

Zelnick shot back, stating that Nguyen “must not have taken PR 101, where they teach you that when trying to steal other people’s clents, don’t diss your own.”

Regardless, Spears isn’t taking her PR business anywhere, at least for the time being. After a couple of uncut scenes from season two of Chaotic hit the Internet, however? That could be a different story entirely.