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Paris Hilton hits cars, she flees scenes … and now she faces a lawsuit for an accident that she wasn’t even involved in.

A Los Angeles couple has filed a lawsuit against the airhead claiming she’s legally responsible for a May 2004 accident allegedly caused by a friend driving Hilton’s Mercedes, according to court documents obtained by E! Online. For once, Paris was not directly involved in the mess.

Plaintiffs Ivan Alvarez and Monica Delgado claim that they were rear-ended in a four-car collision set off by Hilton’s pal, Brooke Ashley Brinson, who supposedly hit the car in front of her, setting off a domino effect.

Carter Reum, Wife
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According to the complaint, filed May 30 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Alvarez and Delgado are seeking damages to compensate for emotional distress, loss of wages, medical bills, loss of earning capacity and property damage.

Indeed, the last few days have been anything but a simple life for our favorite blonde bimbo.