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We’re sorry, Paris. Apparently you actually are a handicapped driver.

The whisphy waste of space hit a parked car last week … and then left without leaving a note, a violation of California law. even has it all on video. Of course, Hilton is used to videos of her surfacing on the Internet.

Here’s what reportedly transpired: Paris was returning from a shopping spree in L.A. with gal pal and Nick Lachey bed mate, Kim Kardashian, when she hopped in her Range Rover. Hilton proceeded to back out of the parking spot without a seat belt on, yet another. A Honda Civic was the victim of this dimwitted driving, with damage caused to both vehicles’ fenders.

Carter Reum, Wife
(Getty Images)

According to reports, Hilton has been cited for various violations six times in as many months. Failing to leave a note after damaging another car is a misdemeanor under California law, punishable by as much as six months in jail. H

Hey, there’s an idea for the next edition of The Simple Life!