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As Michael Jackson faces trial this summer, perhaps he can take solace in the fact that the mother of the young boy who accused him of child molestation in 2004 will also face a judge. Or maybe Jacko will be comforted by some kiddie porn instead.

Janet Arvizo, whose married name is actually Janet Jackson (no, not THAT Janet Jackson) has been ordered to stand trial on charges of welfare fraud and perjury.

She’s been charged with fraudulently obtaining nearly $8,000 by allegedly repeatedly lying about her financial situation, while applying for welfare aid from 2001-03 and failing to disclose a substantial settlement from a civil suit with department store JC Penney.

The 37-year-old pleaded not guilty to all five felony counts in Los Angeles Superior Court this week. She’s been charged with one count of aid by misrepresentation and four counts of perjury by application for aid.

Best Dancer Ever?
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The Gossip would like to charge her with countless counts of allowing her child to be alone with Michael Jackson. But we lack the legal authority to enforce that. Arvizo is due back in court Aug. 7 for the start of the trial, though Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson said Wednesday the date could be postponed up to 30 days should a deal be impending that might eliminate the need for a trial.

If convicted, Arvizo would likely face up to three years’ probation.