The Voice Season 2 Winner

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Carson Daly reveals The Voice Season 2 winner on the final results show of the season. See who it is here - and if you agree!

well done

@ lilian

the best show i have ever saw and cant wait to watch over and over love love love it this show rocks


I'm really Happy for de Winner!! I've been with de show from audition, and tonight I've got the winner!!!!!


I'm really for de Winner!! I've been with de show from audition, and tonight I've got the winner!!!!!


MEAGAN - you said it best and I agree. I voted for Juliet and Chris because he seems to be such a humble and gentle man. Juliet did kill it especially with Roxanne. But her performance of James Browns classic put her over the top for me. I am usually not a hard rock fan, but her voice on those songs would make me buy her CD. I bet Alicia Keyes is very proud of Jermaine. He did great as well and I bet the other 3 get a contract, esp. Chris and Juliet. I was not as impressed with Tony - too generic, I guess. Great job and great Show!


I am so dissapointed! Juliet should have won hands down!!! When I saw this live on television, I burst into tears after seeing White Rabbit's face following the announcement of the winner. I am sure that Andy was still proud of Jermaine though. I am positive that Juliet will go FAR because she came in second, but even if she didn't go on this show, I'm sure she STILL would have gone far in her career of singing. Even though she came in second, I'm sure that everybody knows that she should have won and sees her as a WINNER!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear Andy talk about this in his next interview! I am so thankful that Andy got to be there almost, if not, every showing, and I am also very thankful that he has an AMAZING girlfriend. They were born to be together. P.S. I LOVE Juliet's tatoo of Andy's name on her right arm!!!!!! Jandy FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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