Sophia Grace & Rosie perform Macklemore's hit song "Can't Hold Us" on Ellen.

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    they both compliment each other as in Rosie being the hype girl. hmmmmm I admire Sophia's altitude, passion, reactions n lot more about her. keep it up girls the world is ever waiting to announce n celebrate u. kudos babes


    Actually, her partner "rosie" expresses herself as a "hype girl" and she is there for support, dance, and gets to have a lot of fun a long the way with her beloved cousin. also, Rosie is Not at all silent. watch Teatime with Sophia Grace and Rosie or any interviews or conversations or shows they host together and you will see that Rosie, the hype girl, and close friend and cousin often speaks loud and clear and initiates questions or discussions very well --and of her own accord. don't be such a downer -- they are little kids for creeps sake! they are both adorable and give their all by having fun and being kids. they are darling.


    Why is it that Rosie is always the 'silent' partner?

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