Rally to Restore Sanity Opening

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Take a look at Jon Stewart's opening remarks at his Really to Restore Sanity. Did you watch the event? What did you think?

Happy to see a strong reaction to the negative remarks that do not depict what America stands for. The USA as an icon of democracy in the past, the surfacing of the Tea Bag Party represents something other than this democratic past image, namely, a large group of rich people hanging on to their wealth facing a changing American government that is bending down to help the less fortunate.


Yes! We are not owned by the corporations that try to dominate our perspectives through the media channels they control. Middle ground is attainable...and the future. The alternative is as bleak as 'they' portray, regardless of the political lean of their sales pitch. If we do not find peace in each other, well...nothing will happen. And we all just live as we have. And the world goes on as it has. And we're marginalized as units of profit while paying the taxes and download fees that help marginalize us and separate us from one another while directing us to find the ideal human on the web and vid channels rather than in our neighbor. Be more than this website tells you that you are. See more in yourself than you are told to. Keep center, then spread the wealth of your happiness to others.

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