Liam Hemsworth-Miley Cyrus Breakup Imminent?

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Liam Hemsworth reportedly wants a clean break from Miley Cyrus. At this point they are just roommates, and Liam wants to end it completely.

Shut up, Stephanie.You suck at this job.This is all a crock from your'Insiders.'


the hosts voice is extremely annoying she sounds congested and whiiiiineeyyyy like thisssss awwww . I was so irritated by her voice i forgot what i was watching.


Wow! The host of this gossip show has enormously bad looking fake boobs. Looks like she's trying to smuggle two moldy honeydews under that skimpy shirt!


We all have our moments. Miley is only human, a long with the rest of us .. & i believe she is trying to make a stand. I honestly believe that Miley will settle down when she finds someone more out there and not as reserved as Liam. She needs someone to complete her, not calm her down. Liam and Miley are both amazing people and look amazing together, but image isn't everything. And as much as they are amazing people they just aren't right for each other. She's a hot mess at the moment and I love it, but you can tell its an act of rebellion, being compressed only does that. I feel sorry for both of them at the moment. All these comments and rumours are not helping their situation. My heart goes out to you both! <3


I'm not surprised. He looks a decent guy. Who would want a fiancé who wiggles her ass in another guys crotch for all the world to see. She is a disgusting tramp!


He needs to get on with his life.If she truly loves him,she needs to stop what she's doing.Good luck Liam.


I guess not every guy wants a slut for a wife.

@ jacasa

Oh please.You don't have a clue what their relationship is like.You sure talk like a real Lady though.

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