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A possible sighting of Bigfoot in Oregon by some kids shooting hoops. Sasquatch is seen (or supposedly seen) in that region fairly often.

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"Well gollleee what's that over yonder? Boy howdy is that a squatch?" Sarcastic clap for what is probably the world's least believable acting


C- Suckin Retards


I think this is credible. Ive watched kids play ball often, and they always look up and around their enviroment; Its just a common reaction when one lives and plays in a rural area; my kids do that all the time -gaze out in the field while waiting their turn to dunk, or even when dunking. I think they really did see something out there


A niece, a real sane and sober mother, saw a sasquatch near Cave Junction Oregon. She kept it to herself for a good five years and then one day when I was visting from Los angeles, I asked her if any had been seen. And she told me of her sighting. Not even her husband or children had been told and they wee surprised to hear the story too. This woman saw it cleary and plainly for about ten seconds standing on a trail about 40 yard away. They just looked at each other and then it just went back inot the forest. I believe her.


staged...older kid looked in the direction of the field way before the cameraman called it....jerks...


need to take acting classes, kid looks down the feild twice, gave it away


It's Greg Oden!


he looks down into field two times prior to sighting from dad....he knew something was going to be down in the field along the tree line even before it became visible......people like these guys are the ones that discredit the true sightings of Bigfoot,like the guys river rafting in Oregon.....Now that one was true video footage of a Bigfoot sighting......Thanks guys for being jerks and please put your hoop a little higher,will ya


older kid ruined their hoax

@ m.p.nogueira

look a little harder when the kid looks down in the field its because he seeing a different big foot the one running back and across the field look like he got a friend with him the second time he runs across then when the dad says what was that another one comes out of the tree line and they see it this time look real hard

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