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Hank Baskett allegedly cheated on his wife with Ava Sabrina London. This is one of the YouTube videos that reportedly caught his eye.

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I'm sure Baskett is on Bottom - what a loser... the TS looks like a man with a wig! I can't say I'm surprised... A black man needs to push his D#@% in every possible hole to feel like a man ;-/

@ Sam're really not felling warm and fuzzy about black men today, are ya?!
Maybe the 2 or 3 you know impress you as being horny "ne'r-do-wells"; but the vast majority of Black men are law-abiding, faithful, tax-paying, God-fearing men.


she's look good this ts. iam at men i thinking get at girl like that . there more fun the woman hahaha


I am at men . but this tras. ts. look better . in that fat Kendra. she's ready use..all you men up there ,ts there more fun , hahah


of course he cheats he is a nigger she needs a white guy there is nothing wrong with kendra . maybe a little goofy but she doesnt have to settle


he has a fine looking woman but decides to take it in the ass from some freak.
another queer playing football.
guess we know what a cum guzzler looks like now


none of u would have known


wow another of the 80% of athletes that turns out to be gay or as I guess he would put it on the down low DL. HA HA this is great news for this to happen to him and his nothing wife. I guess he'll be courting Bruce Jenner next as he goes thru his transformation what a bunch of nothing


Another Kim Kardashian look-alike. Except you can tell he isn't a she. I don't think 20 minutes and $500.00 constitutes an affair, especially one time.


The real question here is when he reached between her legs did he grab ahold of a treetrunk. lol


This looks like a man with plastic surgery and and a wig , he isn't fooling anybody

@ Chris

Yeah..we heard you the first time.

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