Sarah Larson is a model who is dating George Clooney. She was also a Fear Factor contestant at one point, but it now entering unheard of...

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For an event held in Utah, the Sundance Film Festival sure featured a lot of sex and alcohol!

First, Paris Hilton was rumored to have made out with 43-year old MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe.

Now, reports state that Sarah Larson - the Las Vegas cocktail waitress and ex-girlfriend of George Clooney - was “provocatively grinding half a dozen men on the dance floor — all at once” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino after-party for the film The Vicious Kind.

By the time the night was done, Larson had latched herself on to Ashlee Simpson's former flame, Ryan Cabrera... literally!

“Sarah was grinding on Ryan all night, her legs wrapped around his waist, massaging the small of his back,” said a source.

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Joey Vanas has a tough act to follow.

The Las Vegas club promoter is rumored to be dating Sarah Larson, the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney.

According to Page Six, the aspiring model attended a preview of Lavo in the Palazzo Saturday night with her new man. Vanas, that sly dog, kept his hand on Larson's leg all night.

Sarah Larson: George Clooney used to totally hit this.

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Sarah Larson is no longer the most hated woman in the world - i.e. George Clooney's girlfriend - and she's in no rush to attach herself to another relationship.

"I'm staying single," she said. "I'm not dating anyone right now."

As for the future, Larson is excited - and mysterious: "I have a few things I'm working on right now. I've been focusing a lot on work and things are going very well."

George Clooney who? Sarah Larson is single and happy.

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Sarah Larson may have said goodbye to George Clooney a couple months ago when the couple broke up - but the model told Britain's Hello! magazine that her and the hunky actor are still on good terms.

"George is a great guy, a wonderful person," Larson said, stating the obvious. "I don't regret spending time with him... We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago."

Newly single, Sarah Larson is now free to be pressed up against a wall by sweaty men at parties such as this.

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We already know Sarah Larson got a boob job.

Now, Great Britain's The Daily Star is reporting that George Clooney's former squeeze may pose naked in Playboy!

"She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy," a source said.

Great news for the guys, of course. And we know what the ladies are thinking: When will Clooney pose for Playgirl?!?

Will we see Sarah Larson nude in Playboy? The Internet is buzzing over such rumors.

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Based on the photo below, there's little doubt that Sarah Larson got a boob job. (Heidi Montag must be so proud of her!)

But there is a debate over whether or not this operation actually led to her break-up with George Clooney. According to rarely-reliable celebrity gossip magazine In Touch, the actor was against any sort of breast enhancement:

"George really didn't want her to get the boob job," a source told the rag.

What's our take on this rumor? Let's see...

You're Sarah Larson. You're already beautiful. You're dating the most handsome bachelor in the world and there's talk of marriage. Are you really gonna get a boob job in defiance of him?

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Don't cry for Sarah Larson.

"From what we've talked about she's doing well," Jennifer Morss, executive director of Aid for AIDS of Nevada and a friend of Larson's, told People about the woman that has most recently seen George Clooney naked. "You just move forward. She's a strong, very smart girl who I think will make it through pretty much anything."

After about a year of dating, Larson and Clooney broke up last month. According to Morss, though, Larson never let the fame change her as a person.

"Your whole life changes overnight, but she maintained that down-to-earth [quality]. She as a person never changed â€" she would say, 'Yes, I'm dating George, but I want to be known for Sarah.'"

Sarah Larson is moving on with her life. She's strongly involved with an AIDS charity on Nevada and other causes.

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Judging by what one of her friends says, Sarah Larson might be single - but she's gonna be okay!

"She's a beautiful, amazing, compassionate human being who was thrown overnight into the middle of the media monster and has done an amazing job at staying true to herself and her family and friends," the source told People Magazine.

Larson, of course, had dated George Clooney from September 2007... until yesterday. We were devastated to hear about their break-up.

Newly single, Sarah Larson is now free to lick magazine off the sand again.

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On a day when Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced their second fake engagement, another famous Hollywood couple has gone the opposite way.

We're sad to report that George Clooney and Sarah Larson have broken up.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney Wax Figures

While it had seemed as though this model had finally captured the heart of the world's most eligible bachelor, In Touch reports that the relationship wasn't meant to be.

"George is relieved to be single again. He thinks Sarah is sweet and that is why it was so hard to break up with her. The truth is that they had little in common and he just doesn't want to be tied down," a source told the celebrity gossip tabloid.

It's not too late, George. Don't let Sarah Larson go! You two can still be Looney!

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Sarah Larson and George Clooney aren't as perfect as they look.

While recovering from a motorcycle accident last year, the beauty says her and her beefcake were glued to marathons of VH1's Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

Clooney Photo

"We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated," Sarah told Harper's Bazaar. "And we were like, 'This is sad.'"

Sarah Larson and George Clooney love each other, reality TV.

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Sarah Larson is a model who is dating George Clooney. She was also a Fear Factor contestant at one point, but it now entering unheard of... More »
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We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated. And we were like, 'This is sad.

Sarah Larson [on her and George Clooney's viewing of Rock of Love]

I see him as a normal person, like anyone else. He just happens to have a well-known face.

Sarah Larson [on George Clooney]
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