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Don’t cry for Sarah Larson.

“From what we’ve talked about she’s doing well,” Jennifer Morss, executive director of Aid for AIDS of Nevada and a friend of Larson’s, told People about the woman that has most recently seen George Clooney naked. “You just move forward. She’s a strong, very smart girl who I think will make it through pretty much anything.”

After about a year of dating, Larson and Clooney broke up last month. According to Morss, though, Larson never let the fame change her as a person.

“Your whole life changes overnight, but she maintained that down-to-earth [quality]. She as a person never changed — she would say, ‘Yes, I’m dating George, but I want to be known for Sarah.'”

Sarah Larson is moving on with her life. She’s strongly involved with an AIDS charity on Nevada and other causes.