Oprah Winfrey is a very famous talk show host. Maybe you have heard of her. She may not pump her own gas anymore, but she's extremely...

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No one is completely sure, but it sounds like Gayle King may have just come out on CBS This Morning.

While joking about being in a relationship with co-host Charlie Rose, King seemingly blurted out, "I'm gay!"

A veteran television personality, King is probably best known as the longtime best friend of Oprah Winfrey.

Rumors that Gayle and Oprah are lovers have been circulating for years, with both women denying that they're anything more than just close friends.

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Even though Lindsay Lohan forgot her lines and got laughed at during her London stage debut, she showed up on time and didn't fall off the stage in a drunken stupor, so she's already counting step one of her comeback campaign as a success.

And of course, you can't have a Hollywood underdog story with a happy ending unless Oprah is somehow involved.

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah

You may have forgotten or blocked it out of your memory, but Lindsay had a reality show on Oprah's OWN network earlier this year.

It was widely believed to have been canceled, and there were countless tabloid stories about Lindsay pissing Oprah off, as she's wont to do (showing up late, getting wasted at inopportune times, being Lindsay Lohan).

Even so, as evidenced by the photo above, Lady O stopped by the West End to check out Lindsay's play and according to LiLo's latest interview, the dynamic duo of Lohan and Winfrey is ready to start saving the world once again:

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They could each enjoy a long career as Major League Baseball relievers, but the following left-handed stars have chosen a different field in which to utilize their eccentricity.

Some are singers. Some are actors and actresses. One is the President of the United States!

But they all have one thing in common: they write with their non-right hand. So weird, right?!?

So, in honor of Left Handers Day (really, it's a thing; look it up), THG is excited to presented snapshots of 21 famous southpaws.

They may hate the set-up of spiral notebooks, but we love what they add to our lives. Long may they be left(y) behind!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga might be pointing to her engagement ring from Taylor Kinney here, but she could just as well be showing off the fact that she's left-handed.

P.S. Did you also know that yesterday was World Elephant Day?

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Beyonce famously sang that girls run the world and based on the results of Forbes annual list of the most powerful celebrities, it seems she was on to something.

Thanks in part to her On the Run tour with Jay Z, Queen Bey pulled in an estimated $115 million in the past year, nearly doubling the earnings of her rapper husband.

Mrs. Carter tops the list. She pulled in an impressive $115 million in the past year.

Between rumors of marital troubles and the now-infamous Jay-Solance fight video, 2014 has seen Bey struggling with some problems in her personal life, but she clearly hasn't allowed the drama to affect her career.

Other celebs may earn more than Beyonce (Thanks to his deal with Beats Audio, Dr. Dre raked in an astonishing $620 million in 2013.), but according to Forbes  no one can match Mrs. Carter when it comes to sheer power.

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You'll never catch Ellen Page watching the French Open.

Or Megan Fox checking out any Megan Fox photos in the many magazines for which she poses.

Or, ironically, Pamela Anderson watching the Pamela Anderson sex tape. Not on her television, at least.

Indeed, many celebrities out there are just like us and you: they live with various irrational fears, from tennis balls (seriously!) to mirrors (for real) to chewing gum (you'll never guess who!) and other oddities in between.

Who is walking around with these unexpected phobias? We expose their deep, dark secrets below!

Ellen Page: Tennis Balls!
Page really did one say: "I have a phobia of tennis balls... I’ve always had it. Tennis comes on and I have to get out of the room."

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Who are the most influential celebrities? Time Magazine recently came out with its annual list.

Now, along similar lines, Forbes has come out with a ranking of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

And while many names and faces on it may not be too familiar to celebrity gossip fans (German chancellor Angela Merkel is #1, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen is #2), a number of high-profile celebrities did make the list.

There's a former First Lady and our current one... an actress with many tattoos... a singer with many hairstyles... and an artist whose hips never lie.

Click through the following celebrity rankings and determine: Are these women as powerful as advertised?

Hillary Clinton (#6)
According to Forbes, Hillary Clinton is the sixth Most Powerful Woman in the world. Might she become #1 in 2016?

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Oprah Winfrey shared a video of her 1983 audition for a Chicago daytime talk show on the OWN network today.

It's nearly impossible to believe the confident yet soft-spoken young woman in the clip below would go on to become one of the wealthiest and most admired people in America. 

But even thirty years ago, Oprah had undeniable camera presence.

In the audition clip she explains the story behind her first name, noting that even though Oprah is "Harpo" spelled backwards, there are no Marx Brothers fans in her family and her folks didn't even own a TV.

Turns out the moniker that's now synonymous with media dominance is actually a misspelling of an obscure biblical name. Who knew!

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Lindsay Lohan has been hanging out in London ever since news came that Oprah had canceled her reality show.

As you can tell from the pics below, Linds has been doing a lot of, um..."partying" across the pond, leading many to wonder if her latest bender was triggered by feelings that she'd let down Queen O.

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

Lindsay got drunk at Coachella a few weeks ago, but other than that stateside binge, she's been doing all of her boozing spending most of her time in the UK. 

So why would the reportedly cash-strapped star do her partying so far from home? So that Oprah doesn't find out!

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It's no fun owning a pro sports franchise when you can't even attend the games, so with the LA Clippers' Donald Sterling being banned from the NBA for life, it's safe to assume he'll be selling the team soon. 

Several celebrities have expressed an interest in investing in the Clippers in the likely event that Sterling is forced to sell, but there may only be one with the cash and clout to buy the team outright: Queen Oprah.

Winfrey announced yesterday that she intends to make a bid on the team if an when the Clippers hit the auction block.

Speaking with ESPN, possible co-investor David Geffen stated that Oprah "does not intend to run the team," but simply "thinks it would be a great thing for an important black American to own the franchise."

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