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One is a former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week. The other is a former NFL All-Pro.

While it may seem as though someone that has caught numerous STDs on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels would have little in common with someone that has caught the second most touchdowns in league history, Megan Hauserman and Terrell Owens will both star in reality shows this summer.

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For Hauserman - the winner of Awkward Moment of the Year at the 2008 Fox Reality Awards - her upcoming VH1 series will mark her fifth foray into the reality TV world.

In Megan Wants a Millionaire, which premieres August 2, the busty blonde stars as a bachelorette that raises the stakes for her suitors. Literally! We'll let the following press release explain:

Megan’s millionaire suitors will compete in challenges ranging from going head to head in a high roller Las Vegas tournament to shelling out money in a date auction. Whoever wins the challenge, will win a date with Megan. But, it won’t just be any date.

The millionaires will be given the chance to “upgrade” their date. How about driving Megan to dinner in an Aston Martin, instead of an Escalade? Or why not take a helicopter ride to Catalina Island instead of the ferry? One by one, Megan will eliminate the guys who can’t shell out the dough, until the ultimate millionaire is left.

On their respective reality shows, you'll see the emotional side of Terrell Owens and, we presume, the backside of Megan Hauserman.

Owens, meanwhile, was signed by the Buffalo Bills in the off-season. What sort of exciting hijinks take place in upstate New York for this selfish star?

We'll find out in The T.O. Show, debuting on July 27! Sum this must-see series up for us, VH1:

In the series, T.O. will be shadowed in the off-season by his best friends / publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams as they battle the two sides of his large personality. Viewers will discover that behind all the braggadocio, emotional histrionics, and sculpted physique, that is the outspoken media magnet known to the world as “T.O.” — there is also a quiet, sensitive, mild-mannered guy from Alexander City, Alabama.

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Reality reunion shows are becoming more dangerous than the Middle East.

Last night, of course, Jason Mesnick broke the heart of Melissa Rycroft in front of a national audience when he ended their relationship on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose ...and Before ABC Enjoys Days' Worth of Publicity.

Hauserman, Megan

Now, it's been revealed that former Rock of Love: Charm School contestant Megan Hauserman has filed a lawsuit against Sharon Osbourne, following an incident that took place on that show's reunion special.

Hauserman claims Sharon went off on during a taping, punching, scratching and grabbing her by the hair. In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Hauserman takes Osbourne to task for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

Megan Hauserman has made a living off reality TV; and, soon, off Sharon Osbourne's fortune.

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Clothes often were shed during VH1's classic reality show Rock of Love Girls: Charm School.

On last night's reunion special, though, it was the proverbial gloves that came off.

The much-ballyhooed fight between Sharon Osbourne and Megan Hauserman finally aired, a tussle that actually resulted in Hauserman filing battery charges against her former mentor on the series.

Watch the incredible clip below:

No way the smackdown was a publicity stunt for the upcoming Megan Hauserman reality show, right? That would really kill our faith in reality TV.

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Rock of Love Girls: Charm School has gone from classroom lessons to studio cat fights.

VH1 reality star Megan Hauserman has filed battery charges against the show's host, Sharon Osbourne.

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According to TMZ, the latter shot across the stage during a taping of the Rock of Love Girls: Charm School reunion special Saturday night, pulling on Hauserman's hair and scratching away until security intervened. The alleged victim ended up in the hospital as a result.

Megan Hauserman will lie down for almost anyone... but not for attacks by Sharon Osbourne!

Hauserman claims she made a remark about Osbourne's "brain dead rock star" of a husband, which led to the attack.

The LAPD admits that Osbourne is the subject of an investigation. More importantly, we wanna know:

How much would you shell out for a pay-per-view fight between Hauserman and Osbourne?

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Granted, the headline above isn't entirely accurate.

After all, Megan Hauserman has already appeared in a record-setting number of reality shows, from Beauty and the Geek to Rock of Love Girls: Charm School. She even won the former show.

Hauserman, Megan

Now, finally, this VH1 mainstay has landed her own dating competition.

Will she be setting her sights on men and women, following in the desperate, naked footsteps of Tila Tequila? Or just male suitors hoping to contract every STD possible, such as the ambitious Daisy de la Hoya?

Hauserman, who was named the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week in February of 2006, has a different goal in mind: marrying rich! According to a VH1 casting notice, only well-off men need apply for the series:

If you are a single man with the net worth of $1,000,000 or more, then Megan would love to meet you. Whether you are a CEO or a trust fund baby, Megan would make the perfect arm candy for any man…who can afford her!

In this economy, such lofty standards ought to limit Hauserman to about a dozen candidates.

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