Megan Hauserman: The Next Reality TV Star!

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Granted, the headline above isn't entirely accurate.

After all, Megan Hauserman has already appeared in a record-setting number of reality shows, from Beauty and the Geek to Rock of Love Girls: Charm School. She even won the former show.

Hauserman, Megan

Now, finally, this VH1 mainstay has landed her own dating competition.

Will she be setting her sights on men and women, following in the desperate, naked footsteps of Tila Tequila? Or just male suitors hoping to contract every STD possible, such as the ambitious Daisy de la Hoya?

Hauserman, who was named the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week in February of 2006, has a different goal in mind: marrying rich! According to a VH1 casting notice, only well-off men need apply for the series:

If you are a single man with the net worth of $1,000,000 or more, then Megan would love to meet you. Whether you are a CEO or a trust fund baby, Megan would make the perfect arm candy for any man…who can afford her!

In this economy, such lofty standards ought to limit Hauserman to about a dozen candidates.


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