According to an E-Score survey, these 10 people are the most hated folks in America. Do you agree?


Come on, Bieber deserves it. Almost everyday there is a new article about him doing something wrong. Did we forget about drunk-driving? He is just arrogant child. He clearly thinks he is the most important person in the world. He can have money but he can't buy class.


I have to agree with you guest+, Justin doesn't deserve that. He has done soo many good things in this world. Caring for his fans, giving money to charity's, climbing over fences to meet his fans, giving out free tickets, etc, etc, etc. He is a GREAT person. They are just seeing the bad side of him. He has so many fans that care for him. And he is going to have many fans to care for him.

@ Madison

I'm surprised Casey Anthony didn't make the list.


I'm sure no teens took part in this poll. While their parents may think him a total asswipe, but the kids love him. He's still making millions and I really don't see anyone actually taking his place. He has a way to go before destroying his fan base.

@ Spare+Me

He is inot a cutting edge force in the music industry. I wonder what is the estimated number of his fan base is today? Surely this number has shrunk significantly.
This emerging hip hop identify "Bizzle" has he undertaken seems fake and silly.
I don't care who mentors him, everybody makes mistakes. Reinvent yourself Justen. Don't let others do it for you.
I have never liked him but I hope he pulls it together. It will be very sad if he takes the L.L. exit only


That's sad. Justin doesn't deserve that

@ guest+

Yes he does! he spit on his fans and spitting on someone is an act of assault but since he's a singer, he just got a slap on the wrist by spending one night in jail and he drove drunk in a subdivision where he could have easily killed someone like a CHILD but yet again he just got a slap on the wrist. He should get some serious help. I won't be surprised if he ends up killing someone while driving drunk.

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