Kendall Jones Poses with Prey

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Kendall Jones is a cheerleader from Texas who has raised the ire of Facebook users by posting these photos online.

1. Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard

Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard
Kendall Jones poses here with a dead leopard. She killed it herself and posted the shot on Facebook, much to the ire of other users.

2. Kendall Jones with Dead Lion

Kendall Jones with Dead Lion
Kendall Jones took down this lion herself. She proudly shows off the kill on Facebook.

3. Kendall Jones and Her Prey

Kendall Jones and Her Prey
Kendall Jones has no shame over killing animals in Africa. Some folks believe she should.

4. Kendall Jones with Dead Zebra

Kendall Jones with Dead Zebra
Kendall Jones is a Texas Tech cheerleader... and also the hunter of big game. She posts pictures of her kill on the Internet.

5. Kendall Jones with Dead Rhino

Kendall Jones with Dead Rhino
Take this, rhino! Kendall Jones kills a lot of game in Africa and then posts the pictures online.

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sweet idiot


I don't understand hunting to begin with, if you eat what you kill then I guess that's fine but I don't understand THIS type of hunting. "Oh that lion is so beautiful! Let me KILL it!" Just stupidity to me. Glad Facebook took these down, this chick is so wrong in so many ways... I wonder if she killed her own dog or cat, or if she even had one.


Disgusting.. stupid b**ch! Texas cheerleaders are psycho!


Kendall wants to host a hunting show on t.v. All this publicity and controversy should be fantastic for sealing her chances to get that job.


Howard you are really wrong it says specifically that rhinos are critically endangered learn you facts dumb ass read the article


And what was the point in killing these beautiful animals? Stupid b****


This chick is into killing. Period. As many kinds of animals as she can, really. Sorta like one of each. Makes you wonder how many animals like squirrels and birds and cats she killed with a pellet gun when she was a young kid.


RHINOS AREN'T ENDANGERED? How exactly can anyone be this...let's say mis-informed, to be polite, shall we? The world has moved forward from this sort of thought process, this is now considered to be bad behavior, and being called out on that behavior is one of the greatest things about the internet. Adults/children who arrogantly refuse to change harmful and dangerously destructive habits shouldn't be allowed within 20 miles of firearms. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, TEXAS.

Bill milner

Only kill what you will put on your table. Trophy hunting is murdering nature's finest animals. If certain animals need to be removed. The shooter should have to pay for the kill and not receive the head or hide and not even be allowed photos.


it is so sad the ignorance of certain people! Kendall Jones you should be ashamed of yourself you piece of s**!! there is no excuse to kill those innocent animals,and you are so ignorant that u claimed to say that you kill animal because you are a hunter and that you only goes after "overpopulated" animals! All those animals that you just killed are endangered , you freaking monster!!!

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