11 Dogs Suffering from Very Bad Hair Days

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These dogs are likely very embarrassed right now. They are having very bad hair days.

1. Black, White and Messy

Black, White and Messy
Smile, pup! You may be having a bad hair day, but you're still very adorable.

2. Crazy Car Ride

Crazy Car Ride
On the downside, look at my hair. On the plus side, I've got my bed in the car!

3. In Need of Grooming?

In Need of Grooming?
Come on. How could you take me out in public like this?!?

4. I Need a Haircut

I Need a Haircut
There's a dog in here somewhere. We're pretty sure of it.

5. Trim Me!

Trim Me!
I need a trim. Just a little off the sides please.

6. Dog or Porcupine?

Dog or Porcupine?
Is this a dog or a porcupine? The answer: It's a dog!

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