29 Photos of Bruce Jenner's Transition to Caitlyn Jenner

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Bruce Jenner is no more. Caitlyn Jenner is here to stay.

The 65-year-old has been undergoing a sex change; Jenner confirmed this on national TV to Diane Sawyer, then in June's Vanity Fair.

For once, one of the celebrity gossip world's wildest rumors turned out to be true, although if you looked closely, he wasn't trying to hide.

Check out these Bruce Jenner pictures from the past few years, when the transition was already underway, but before he announced it.

We're so happy for Caitlyn and wish her the very best!

1. Bruce Jenner: Becoming a Woman?

Bruce Jenner: Becoming a Woman?
Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn was made official with his iconic Vanity Fair spread, but it actually began a long time ago, as these photos show.

2. Bruce Jenner Looking Different

Bruce Jenner Looking Different
Bruce Jenner looks a lot different than he used to. We're not judging, but it's a fact of life these days.

3. Bruce Jenner Transformed

Bruce Jenner Transformed
Bruce looks nothing like his old self these days. And it was entirely by design.

4. Bruce Jenner: Sex Change to Come?

Bruce Jenner: Sex Change to Come?
The appearance of Bruce Jenner has raised many questions about whether he was undergoing a sex change. For once, the rumors turned out to be true!

5. Bruce Jenner: Short Shorts Photo

Bruce Jenner: Short Shorts Photo
Kylie Jenner shared a throwback Instagram photo of Bruce Jenner rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes. It seems to be Kylie's way of supporting her dad in the hours before his big Diane Sawyer interview hits the air.

6. Bruce Jenner Star Cover

Bruce Jenner Star Cover
Wow. Frame this one in your offices, Star. It's the first and last cover you've ever had that stated the truth!

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I'm a lovely looking psychopath.


so decathlon sporters have suicide problems now..................


What’s the difference between Al Bundy and Bruce Jenner? Al sold ladies’ shoes, but didn’t wear them. Not that we are aware…


I Agree, leave Bruce alone. He does not look like a woman at all. That's so silly. I also agree, Kris has the short hair like a man. It's not cut short like a woman wears short hair, hers is a mans haircut! And, I'm a woman with short hair, but mine is a ladies short haircut. She also acts more like a man. Bruce is a man, looks and actions. Leave him alone.


i dont think Bruce looks like a woman all . He does look a bit disheveled and under weight, dued to stress. The magazine article is ridiculous and borderline cruelty.


Back in the day a guy could have long hair and not be called a woman.


I agree people should just leave Bruce alone. He doesn't look like a woman. It really is mean to make such comments about someone.


Now the greedy Kris K must take a divorce , or she will be married to a female ! LOL


Bruce , go for it!! You lived your life and worked hard for everyone else, the rest of your life keep it for yourself and do as you please.!


What's next Ru Paul drag race?

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