11 Unbelievable Barbie Photos

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Barbie has been criticized for being too thin, too made up, too submissive, you name it. Here are some renderings of the iconic doll that have sparked debate.

1. Barbie With No Makeup

Barbie With No Makeup
Barbie with no makeup looks different, that's for sure. A lot different.

2. Barbie Sports Illustrated Cover

Barbie Sports Illustrated Cover
Barbie covers the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue! OMG she's the doll that started it all!

3. Barbie Plus-Size Pic

Barbie Plus-Size Pic
This is Barbie and what she might look like as more of a plus-size model. What do you think?

4. Entrepreneur Barbie

Entrepreneur Barbie
Entrepreneur Barbie is coming soon to a toy store - and board room - near you!

5. Normal Barbie Pics

Normal Barbie Pics
Meet the new "normal" Barbie, as imagined by an artist's vision in 2013. She has realistic measurements now!

6. Normal Barbie Photos

Normal Barbie Photos
Meet the new Barbie, as envisioned by an artist in 2013. She has normal measurements now!

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