We mean no offense, but wow. Some of the celebrities listed here married way down.

Usher and Tameka Foster
Usher fans felt he settled when he married Tameka Foster. With the passage of time and a divorce under the belt, he might agree.

Who is stepping down to whom? Most of you asshats have no clue what represents allure and attraction to individual people..
This is being received likely a room full of fags and dumpy-ass Lesbanians who could not find your own butts in dark with either hand.
Best Case: They feel love for one another and in doing so, genuinely, are so far above your drooling rantings you lose, period.
Hugh ain't frowning, Deb looks pretty smilingly happy, the only ones in (actually, out of) this picture are the slimeballs behind the camera.
Get life, morons...


I'd agree that this article is mean spirited. Maybe the celebrities here are unusual in that they aren't shallow and don't date based on looks alone.


Not only is the premise of the article a bit nasty, but having looked at the pictures I see no disparity in any of them. I guess my opinion of what is beautiful differs from hollywood gossips'!

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