Ariana Grande's career is taking off and she's looking hotter than ever these days. Enjoy some of her best photos.

Hot Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is such a young hottie. Just don't believe those nude pics floating around. Not really her.

those jeans are just a yeast infection waiting to happen. I'm fairly certain she's no stranger to infections in her hoo hah tho.


I know she is 21....but I always feel guilty and dirty when I look at one of her pictures where she is posing seductively


She is very cute! I love her voice and her character on Victorious. She is such a talent. I can't wait to see her in movies.

@ Jezzel Davies

That voice is annoying. Can't understand a damn thing the girl screeches about. Every time her song comes on the air I turn the channel. And that Nick show? I have to turn the channel even if the kids are watching.


hey girl


ariana grande u are so perrty u are4 so cool

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