21 Worst Kim Kardashian Photos of All Time!

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Kim Kardashian looks hot most of the time. Or at least just as pulled together and made up as Kim Kardashian wants herself to look.

Being one of the most photographed women in the world, however, means there will be some that slip through the beautiful cracks.

Here's photographic evidence of 21 times she was off her game.

1. Kim Kardashian Krying

Kim Kardashian Krying
Kim gets her ugly cry on. It's definitely not her best look.



3. Kim Krying Yet Again!

Kim Krying Yet Again!
Kim needs to learn to let the waterworks rip in private. Although we certainly enjoying seeing the photos.

4. Oh, The Pain

Oh, The Pain
When you're a reality star, the cameras catch you at your best and worst.

5. Kim Kardashian Eating

Kim Kardashian Eating
Kim Kardashian is pregnant. And eating a lot more than usual as a result.

6. Kim Kardashian Gets Attacked

Kim Kardashian Gets Attacked
This one only makes the

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She has real Armenian teeth...they are kind of small and grindy looking...all the Watertown MA Armenians look like her.


Ok the only reason most of you are saying what your saying what your saying is because your insecure, so it makes you feel better about your self to ditch on one of the most pretty girl in the world! So... she had a few things done but there's nothing wrong with that! Its only made her prettier! And I bet most of ya'll are fat and ugly so don't judge other people on how they look just because your ugly and retarded! YOUR WELCOME!`


No amount of plastic surgery can help her.

Jane feltovich

The whole family has a warped sense of self, likely programmed by their mother. The FREE everything in their lives is obscene and so are they.


I don’t know why people hate on these kardashian women they are
beautiful and if you would just admit it instead of hating you would
feel a lot better about yourself.


If these are pictures she doesn't want us to see, why are we seeing them? I don't want to look at her anyway.


I suppose that you are all picture perfect.


These are all worlwide seen plus most of the titles are terribly wrong, the 'nose job' pic is a pic where she wanted to show some contouring tips.


She's just plain ugly....inside and out. No amount of plastic surgery or fakery will hide that.

Hiho remy
@ M.

They forgot this picture of her a$$

@ ImOpining

LOL. That just made my day!!

Hiho remy
@ M.

Same here.
Found it this morning and posted it about 5 times so far.
Copy and paste and spread the giggles ;)

@ M.

Why so bitter?

Hiho remy
@ Sharlie Cheen

why so nosy?

@ ImOpining

Why so dry?

Hiho remy
@ Sharlie Cheen

Nothing dry here, sitting poolside with a margarita.


a family of freaks. they could be the next aadams family.

Hiho remy
@ socialism101

They already make the adams family look more attractive, normal and smarter.

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