39 Inappropriate Kylie and Kendall Jenner Photos

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Who cares that Kylie Jenner is a teenager? Not Kylie Jenner, that's for sure, or her sister Kendall Jenner! Check out these revealing Instagram photos of the young stars now!

1. Kendall and Kylie: Kim Klones Gone Wild!

Kendall and Kylie: Kim Klones Gone Wild!
Kendall and Kylie Jenner are quickly morphing into Kim Kardashian, and as recent photos of them show, that means a wild side and growing up very, very fast. Some would say much too fast based on pics like this ...

2. Kendall and Kylie Sexy Photo

Kendall and Kylie Sexy Photo
Kendall and Kylie Jenner pose for one seriously sexy Instagram photo.

3. Kylie Jenner, Legs

Kylie Jenner, Legs
This is a different kind of selfie. It just features Kylie Jenner's legs.

4. Kendall Jenner No Pants

Kendall Jenner No Pants
Kendall Jenner loves Drake. She can do without pants though, apparently.

5. Kylie Jenner, Short Shorts

Kylie Jenner, Short Shorts
Kylie Jenner wears some VERY short shorts on Instagram. Check out these things.

6. Kylie Likes to Watch

Kylie Likes to Watch
Kylie likes to watch her sister Kendall Jenner in her modeling element.

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Not all the pics are inappropriate ✌🏼️


i would nut so hard in both of them


I don't see anything on here that you wouldn't find on just about any teen girls facebook page. I was a teen in the 70's. Between halter tops and hotpants we showed way more skin back then. They are beautiful young ladies and have been thrown into a very unusual spotlight due to their "different" family. Don't judge just wish them the best and move on with your own life.


#12 Is not in a bed it is clearly in a car. Notice the seat belt on the right.


I'm sure if you had a body like that, you would want to show it off too, no matter the age. Please get over yourself.


Who cares? Beautiful girls are showing off a little skin. Is it hurting anyone? No. "One's only 16...." Who cares? Is it hurting anyone that people are looking at the pictures shared by a beautiful 16 year old showing a little skin? No.
Americans are so backwards and stupid about any kind of sexuality. Can we all just admit and accept what we find attractive? Good grief......just don't hurt anyone.


I think the entire family, except Bruce and his boys, will do anything for publicity. It's obvious that none of them have any type of morals, let alone what the definition means. Yes. They're beautiful. But why tarnish that with having absolutely no boundaries. One thing that's obvious? Kris Jenner has never been a good role model or know what REAL MOMS teach their kids growing up. Exploitation seems to be the only thing that she's ever taught them. So you really can't blame the girls when that's all they've ever been taught. Kris Jenner is a disgusting example of a mother. I don't know of anyone else that encourages their daughters to post nude pictures that are borderline soft pork. Who teaches their daughters that? They don't know any better. Obviously education wasn't a priority in their household.


More than half of the pictures of kendall are from professional photoshoots. Shes a model, it's her job. No one would bat an eye if this were any other 18-year-old model. Sure, some of their posts are over the top, but this post does an absolute terrible job of commenting on that.


It's obviously been a Very long time since this author has been to high school. Asking teenagers to act differently than half the girls their age just because they're famous is not going to work out well, nor is it fair. Saying their wish for privacy is invalidated because they post pictures of themselves in bikinis is ridiculous. It's completely different if they are in control of what they post, vs someone making speculations about them and taking pictures of them in secret. If they wanted pictures of it up, they would have posted it themselves. Also, blaming a model for wearing her designer's clothes, which she also has no choice over, is another example of just how bad this slideshow is. Not to mention, you criticise these girls for posting these pics, and then repost them so that they can reach a wider audience. Because that's not hypocritical at all.

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