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Still wanna brag about owning an iPhone 6, Justin Bieber?

Across the country, iPhone 6 users have been complaining that their brand new pieces of supposedly amazing technology actually bending - and this is not meant to be one of the phone's cool new features, that's for certain.

Why is this taking place?

Because new iPhone is so darn light and thin, placing it in one's back or front pocket - and having it remain there for a long period of time - can lead to a warped device.

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Justin Bieber has taken time away from wooing Selena Gomez and telling off the paparazzi to brag about something online: He's got an iPhone 6!!!

The singer posted a pair of photos of himself with the device to his Shots account today, including with the images a caption of gratitude.

"Thanks @ATT for hooking me up with a new phone. You guys are awesome," the artist wrote.

  • Justin Bieber iPhone Picture
  • Justin Bieber with an iPhone 6

This message was followed shortly thereafter with another that reads: "Shots looks amazing on the new iPhone 6 Plus."

Wow, plugs for two companies in one sentence. Kim Kardashian would be proud of you, Justin!

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OOPS! Jack Cooksey's bad!

This young man waited hours and hours (and hours) on line to become the first person in Perth, Australia to purchase an iPhone 6.

And not long after walking out of the store with the item, Cooksey was interviewed on live television by a local reporter… only to drop his new technological treasure to the ground! Oh no!

Gasps are heard all around as the iPhone crashes into the pavement, while the reporter can't conceal her laughter.

But everything ended up being safe and sound in the end, despite this initial scare.

"Luckily it's covered in plastic, so it's fine," Cooksey said afterward, per Perth Now. "I dropped it in a panic to get it open... I just can't wait to open it again... and not drop it."

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In case you spend most of your time in a cave, with your fingers in your ears going, "La, la, la, la," the iPhone 6 was released today to much fanfare, and many tech geeks spending hours in line so that they can tweet about how much Apple sucks on a slightly bigger screen.

Because while people are all psyched about the specs on the new phones, they're equally pissed about the fact that Apple violated the sanctity of millions of iTunes accounts by forcing a new U2 album on an unsuspecting populace.

Katy Perry poked fun (we hope) at the baffling decision to cram free "music" down our throats with a tweet she posted last night:

  • Katy Perry in Cosmo 2014
  • Apple iPhone 6

"FYI to all iPhone 6 buyers, there will also be a free selfie of me already in ur photo roll."

While that would certainly be weird, it would be far less objectionable than finding out that the latest politically-charged howlings of a rapidly aging Irishman are now taking up your valuable storage space. When will the world learn that no means no Bono?

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Pretty much nothing is worse in the entire world than sending a text message to someone and getting left hanging for hours, or worse yet, straight up ignored.

Fortunately, you can still rally and make lemonade out of virtual lemons, so to speak.

Two Years Ago!
That's a long time to leave someone hanging ... or keep the number and conversation of someone who left you hanging.

One of the first indicators of rejection is people not texting back. Sure, maybe their phones died or were left in another room, or they had to physically turn them off.

Probably not, though. We're not trying to hurt your feelings, just level with you here.

People are attached to phones as closely as they are to their partners or children. Chances are pretty good that a late (or no) response is deliberate.

We hate to be the one to break it to you, but your texts are largely being viewed as an annoyance that can and should be ignored. So what are you going to do?

Scroll through the gallery above for some terrific ways of handling the situation. Turn the tables on the person with wit, mind games and possible bitterness.

You'll be glad you did. And you'll have the last word ... because they don't write back.

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Stunningly beautiful model Joy Corrigan is suing Apple for its security protocols being breached, and she says it happened months BEFORE The Fappening.

According to Joy, Apple and it's weak ass iCloud are the reason her nude pictures are now on public display, and she's looking for others to join her in court.

Which could make for the hottest class action suit in the history of law.

Joy Corrigan Bikini Pic
Joy Corrigan is a gorgeous model. Never heard of her? You're welcome.

Joy Corrigan says she was hacked months before Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco nude pics hit the web.

Not only that, she says she reached out to Apple in early July, but the tech giant blew her off, saying she was simply a victim of the tried and true phishing tactic.

Basically, they told her to go kick rocks (and change her password).

She did just that at the company's directive, only to be hacked again and reach out to them again ... and get rebuffed with the exact same excuse.

Fast forward a few months and The Fappening took over 4Chan.

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The fashion Apocalypse is officially nigh.

The day after Apple introduced the world to the iPhone 6 (and the Apple Watch?!?), designer Elie Tahari debuted a dress made with 50 iPhones.

The (ridiculous) idea is to give the outfit a point of view using these screens, with each of the phones pointing in a different direction.

This enables those who wore the contraption at New York Fashion Week to see themselves captured on the screens in a live stream of the event, as the "technofabric” was designed to match the phones and...

... we can't write about this seriously anymore. Familiarize yourself with this supposed piece of fashion now:

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Following the unveiling of the iPhone 6 Plus earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook used Steve Job's signature "one more thing" catchphrase to tease the final big announcement of the day.

The Apple Watch is the tech giant's first foray into the world of smart watches... and it sounds awesome.

Apple Watch

Made of stainless steel and sapphire glass, the watch is billed by Apple as "an intimate way to connect and communicate."

The watch can interact with you iPhone, and support many of the same apps, but because it's wearable, it also serves as "a comprehensive health and fitness device," says Cook.

The geniuses at Apple even took fashion into consideration, allowing users to customize the face of the watch and designing a number of changeable bands.

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Whether you feel like you just bought your iPhone 5S yesterday, or you've been awaiting Apple's next big thing for months, there's some exciting news coming out of Cupertino, Calif., today.

After a teaser promising a big announcement on September 9th, Apple CEO took the stage to unveil the iPhone 6 and it's larger-screened companion, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6

Live updates are streaming from the Flint Center of the Performing Arts at this very moment, and based on what we're hearing, tech obsessives will happily wait in line for hours when the 6 and 6 Plus hit stores on September 19.

Apple senior VP of worldwide marketing is reportedly making some big promises about the new devices and has referred to them as "the best phones ever made."

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Was Kate Upton snared by the oldest online trick in the book?

The FBI is investigating whether the supermodel fell victim to not to an iCloud security breach, but phishing, the classic online scamming technique.

Kate Upton Bikini Model

It's gotten more sophisticated over the years, but the premise is the same: You get an email informing you there's some sort of problem with your account.

In order to fix it, of course, the helpful people contacting you will need your personal info - username, phone number, credit card, even your password.

Basically you unwittingly give the hackers all they need because they masquerade as a person or company trying to help you, and they're well disguised.

In this case, the emails sent to celebrities might have been doctored up to look like it was coming from Apple, which backs up their info to its iCloud.

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