Disney to Patrons: Get Over Yourself, No Selfie Sticks Allowed!!!

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It’s a whole new world (see what we did there) with the increase of technology, and Disney doesn’t like it one bit.

Disney theme parks are banning the use of selfie sticks, politely asking everyone to get the f--k over themselves.

Disney No Selfie Sticks
Selfie Stick at Disney

The ban is in effect for rides at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim.

Generally a stupid trend in the first place, the selfie stick can also be a safety issue while flailing through the air at a million miles an hour upside down with small children nearby.

The tools are still allowed in the parks, just not on the rides.

Earlier this year, reports from the Magical Kingdom claimed that operators on certain attractions and rides asked for everyone to stow their selfie sticks.

The company has never allowed visitors to stick objects outside of the rides.  But the weird popularity of selfie sticks has caused repeated safety issues.

Signs have now been posted as "a continuation of our communication efforts at a few key attractions,” Disney said in an email to the Orlando Sentinel.

Apparently, this has become such an issue that Universal Studios Orlando has installed metal detectors to ensure riders aren’t carrying loose objects.

That would include selfie sticks. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the rest of us who have to see the shared results) you can still use them at home ...

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