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Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino's epic, thoroughly insane Super Bowl commercial made him one of the biggest viral stars of Sunday night's event.

Impressive, considering it only aired in Savannah, Ga.

Almost immediately after the Jamie Casino Super Bowl ad aired and spread like wildfire online, he began getting calls from potential clients all over the U.S.

Not only that, TV and movie producers began inundating him with offers, he says. If you've seen this production he put together, you'll understand why:

In theatrical, hilariously over-the-top fashion, Casino's ad tells the story of how his brother was killed in a police-related shooting and how this changed his life.

Before that, he admits, he was a ruthless criminal defense attorney. Now he's a man of the people, a lawyer who stands up for those who have been wronged!

How much did this unreal TV spot cost?

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Sunday's Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial, which featured U.S. citizens singing “America the Beautiful” in various languages, was generally well received.

Just not by the Twitter-verse, where many users were live-tweeting the event and quickly lambasted the brand as un-American, or even a terrorist organization.

Seriously. People were aghast that there are human beings living in America who don't speak English, and that Coke might feature them in advertising.

Check out 23 of the most racist, disapproving, confused and hate-filled Tweets about the controversial Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial below ...

You're S--t is Rank
You're grammar is pretty rank, too, Earl Williams Jr. Maybe go study for your GED instead of Tweeting your pearls of infinite wisdom?

The TV spot inspired a handful of hashtags, including #SpeakAmerican and #boycottcoke as xenophobic bullies everywhere threw up their arms in disgust.

A lot of people also loved its message of inclusion and multiculturalism, though. The vocal minority is just ... vocal. Tell us: What do you think of the ad?


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The much-talked about "Seinfeld reunion" during Super Bowl XLVIII turned out to be a commercial for Jerry's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series.

That's it. And like Peyton Manning, it didn't really connect with its intended receivers last night, despite the buzz of a Seinfeld cast mini-get together.

If you missed it, take a look at the spot below and see if you agree:

Jerry and George (Jason Alexander), after walking into their familiar coffee shop, discussed a friend's Super Bowl party in a typically banal conversation.

Then who should show up out of the blue but ... NEWMAN!

"Hello, Newman," Jerry says to Wayne Knight.

That was about it for laughs right there.

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As a whole, 2014 Super Bowl commercials either played it safe or opted for emotional resonance instead of going for cheap laughs or pushing the envelope.

Well, everywhere else besides Savannah, Ga., anyway.

In that city alone, viewers were treated to an epic, two-minute long masterpiece from attorney Jamie Casino during the first local commercial break:

Seriously, you have to see this ad to believe it ...

"Daddy, what do you do when you go to work?"

That's the hard-hitting question Jamie Casino was asked by his young son, according to this amazing work of marketing, that caused him to reevaluate his life.

Casino concedes that he was once a high-powered defense attorney employed by some of the region's most notorious criminals, who paid him handsomely.

Then came his brother Michael's Labor Day 2012 murder, and how be believed Savannah police chief Willie Lovett covered it up. This changed everything.

Casino is now a man of the people, a one-man legal righter of wrongs who will strap on his leather jacket and wield his sledgehammer of justice for YOU.

Seriously. The dude swings a freaking sledgehammer.

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Sunday's Budweiser "Puppy Love" Super Bowl commercial will undoubtedly go down as one of this year's - or any year's - best game day TV spots.

There's no easy way to quantify that, but in the eyes of many, the race for the best of the 2014 Super Bowl commercials was as lopsided as the game.

Watch the ad below if you missed it (or see it again), because it's worth it:

This was the highest-rated ad Sunday, according to numerous metrics.

The resounding success of “Puppy Love” points to a larger trend of Super Bowl ads aiming for emotional resonance instead of cheap laughs or shock value.

A second Budweiser spot about a veteran returning home from war and receiving a hero's welcome was up there among the game's most well received ads.

Also, the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial featuring children singing “America the Beautiful” in various languages also scored high marks with viewers.

See those commercials and all the rest after the jump ...

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One of the best 2014 Super Bowl commercials was this spot for RadioShack, which paid tribute to the most beloved stars, songs, trends and fads of the 1980s.

You know, the decade in which you last walked into a RadioShack.

The electronics chain, which is somehow still in business, pokes fun at its own reputation as a chain from the '80s that is somehow still in business.

From Hulk Hogan to Chucky, the '80s invade and ransack a typical RadioShack store to ensure that going forward, they will no longer be stuck in the past.

Pretty clever angle, and sure to make all children of the '80s smile ...

The company's Super Bowl commercial was an smorgasbord of nostalgia, randomness and laughs, and it got us talking, so it was money well spent.

Assuming the Shack actually has something new to offer, at least.

Check out this bulleted list of every '80s reference involved (18, by our count, in a single minute of uber-expensive air time), and see if we missed any:

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The movie world is mourning the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman today.

But while those in and around Hollywood attempt to make sense of this tragedy, games were still played last night. Specifically, the Super Bowl.

This meant Super Bowl commercials both funny and tasteless, along with Super Bowl movie trailers that whet the appetite of fans for upcoming summer blockbusters.

Who will be aiming to take down Spider-Man? How will Russell Crowe deal with a flood of biblical proportions? And why should anyone check out Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4 when they could just watch Ted online instead?

Click through four of the biggest trailers now and sound off: Which blockbuster has you most excited?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer
Looking, Amazing Spider-Man. You have two new enemies to face. And they are both featured in this Super Bowl trailer.

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The Seattle Seahawks easily won NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, destroying the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8.

The Bruno Mars halftime performance featured one of entertainment's most talented stars, while Renee Fleming showed up some seriously impressive pipes during her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

But let's face it: all anyone is talking about today are those Super Bowl commercials.

The '80s were resurrected via RadioShack and Fulll House. Many cute dogs were depicted. And Coca-Cola sparked an online debate over diverse individuals singing "America the Beautiful."

Which companies spent their millions wisely? Who should fire their whole marketing staff? Relive the best and worst commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII now:

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: Puppy Love
This is beyond adorable. Budweiser has managed to melt our hearts with another Super Bowl commercial.

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Chalk it up to one of the biggest Super Bowl blowouts in history? Maybe? Hopefully?

But the following Coca-Cola commercial, which premiered during Seattle's thrashing  of Denver, is stirring up major controversy online because some critics find it un-American.

The spot features a number of people from different backgrounds singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages, prompting the hashtag #SpeakAmerican to break out on Twitter.

"Coke having a commercial with an American song in other languages... not cool. Coke. GTFO with that," wrote one hater, while another added:

"Still confused as to why they were singing about America in all those foreign languages in the Coke commercial. We speak English..."

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Bud Light's "Ian Up For Whatever" Super Bowl commercial is a star-studded spectacle featuring a wave of celebrity cameos ... and the luckiest dude ever.

Alone at a bar, Ian meets a pretty girl named Kelly, who offers him a Bud Light and asks, “If I give this to you, are you up for whatever happens next?”

“Uh, I think so,” Ian responds, unaware of the awesomeness awaiting.

So it begins. Ian finds himself swept up in a series of events bordering on the unimaginable, because they are. That's what Super Bowl commercials are for!

Soon enough, Ian gets a new jacket from Minka Kelly, rides an elevator with Don Cheadle (and a llama), schmoozes with Arnold and so much more.

Naturally, the presence of Bud Light bottles is ever-present, associating the brand with all of Ian's good times, famous friends and of course, Super Bowl Sunday.

Scroll through more ads you can expect tomorrow evening ...

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: Puppy Love
This is beyond adorable. Budweiser has managed to melt our hearts with another Super Bowl commercial.

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