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We haven't had a good MySpace fight since Jenna Jameson and Jay Grdina.

So imagine our excitement when we discovered that Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend and his former flame were going at it online.

Loyal celebrity gossip followers know all about Breanna Tierney by now.

The ex-fiancee of Riley Giles supposedly spilled the sordid beans of Riley and Lindsay's relationship to The National Enquirer this week.

And, by the looks of this MySpace exchange, Giles is none too pleased about that.

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Riley Giles might wanna talk to Simon Monjack.

Both these random boyfriends are facing the wrath of ex-girlfriends, and it's all taking place under the glare of the celebrity gossip spotlight. We love it.

After one ex spoke exclusively to The Hollywood Gossip yesterday about her past with Lindsay Lohan's new boy toy, Breanna Tierney (also known as Bree Tierney) has now done the same with The National Enquirier.

"I've stuck by Riley through the good and the bad," the scorned, former fiancee of Giles said. "We lived together for three years and planned on being together forever."

So, what changed, Bree?

"When he finally confessed to me that he had sex with Lindsay... that was it, we were done."

Oh. That'll do it.

Tierney said she had met Lohan a number of times at the treatment center, where Riley went to "get his life together and in the process meets Lindsay and ruins my life."

She recounted to The Enquirier the time Lohan "came into the meeting with Riley, and she comes over and sits next to me, being overly nice. She was complimenting me on my hair and trying to be my friend. It didn't seem sincere at all."

After that, Bree received a text message from Giles saying he wanted to take a break and she knew Lohan was the cause.

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Riley Giles isn't perfect.

Sorry to break the news, Lindsay Lohan, but you should know about the guy you're infesting with all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lohan and Behold

Us Weekly has learned tha Giles â€" a snowboarder Lohan met during her two-month stay at the Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah â€" has a messy past.

In fact, he was engaged to Bree Tierney and simply "stopped calling [her] and never told her about Lindsay," Bree's mom, Tess, said. "She found out by seeing photos. It destroyed her."

Adds a second source: "Lindsay may be in danger with Riley."

Which relationship will end first: Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles? Or Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon?

Of course, Giles disputes this account. He told In Touch Weekly: "I broke up with Bree a week before I started dating Lindsay. We had dated for almost two years, but it's not like we were engaged or anything."

So, who do you believe: A guy willing to have sex with Lindsay Lohan? Or an innocent girl from Utah who just wants to be loved?

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