Kim Kardashian Laments Weight Gain, Kontinues to Set Terrible Example

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Oh, Kim Kardashian.

Just when you post a revealing no-makeup photo and make us think you're turning a positive beauty role model... you go ahead and do this:

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star ran a Flashback Friday picture on Facebook today, one that laments how she's gained 20 pounds over the past five years and claims she has to "get back on the grind."

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This is the second time over the past few weeks that Kardashian has made a comment about her weight.

She thought back to her #SkinnyDays in mid-July and wrote that she's on the "treadmill right now" in order to return to them.

We have two responses to Kim's weight gain self-critiques:

  1. You had a baby and gained some weight. Big deal. This happens as one gets older even without getting pregnant.
  2. Go right ahead and get back to whatever shape you'd like to be in... but why publicize it and make young female fans think twice about their figures and ideal weight?

In short: Kim Kardashian in an awful role model


gag me just because she's on a reality show doesn't make Ms K a star and of course you gain some weight as you age and especially after having a child or children. when Faith Hill attended the 41st Grammy Awards in February 1999 she weighed 130 lbs at 5 ft 8 In six months after giving birth to her 2nd daughter Maggie and she didn't complain about it granted she was also breast feeding something Kim didn't

Ken 69

The preceding article is of the very pregnant, for the second time, Christina Aguilera. She is the same age and height as Kimmode, but unlike The Gypsy, the type of woman an intelligent man would want to wake up next to [for more than 72 days].

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