Jill Duggar Planning Home Birth; TLC Cameras to Document Event?

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She hasn't even been pregnant for two months, but Jill Dillard (nee Duggar) is already mapping out she plans to welcome her first child into the world next March:

Jill is planning a home birth!

Jill Duggar and Derick

Compared to any 23-year-old who would come to such an important decision so quickly, the pregnant Jill Duggar is in a very good position to make it.

A trained midwife, Jill has helped deliver more than 70 babies already in the U.S. and abroad, and is one of the oldest of 19 Kids (and Counting) on TLC.

With Michelle Duggar guiding her especially, this is a young woman who knows what to expect when she's expecting, and who knows what she wants.

If anything, she was probably more nervous about her first kiss on her wedding day and the stuff that came after that (and clearly worked) than childbirth.

“I think home birth is really special because you are in your own environment,” the expectant parent told People magazine in her new cover story.

“You don’t have to pick up, move and have that stall labor," she went on. "I am looking forward to having the calm, intimate setting of being home.”

One thing that's a little less magical? Morning sickness.

“It shouldn’t be called morning sickness,” Jill explained, from the throes of the first trimester pregnancy staple. “It is lasting all day and through the night.”

Fortunately, as her mom Michelle Duggar points out, it's okay to be sick, as it means the other person inside of her is growing and healthy. Not fun, but okay!

As for whether that other person's arrival into this world will be seen on the popular TLC series? That we don't know yet, but we would not rule it out.

We can't wait to find out, that's for sure. Congrats again to the happy parents-to-be and their entire families! Check out more photos of Jill and Derick below!


These people who don't wear pants, swimmers or show their knees have no problem filming their births. Please double standards! All the world saw Anna give birth on the toilet screaming praise to Jesus within full view of the camera crew, but heaven forbid should their stomaches be seen during an ultrasound. El creepy and Saint Michelle pride themselves on not watching TV have no problem in raking in the dollars. These people are nothing but frauds who twist and turn everything to suit the occasion . I'm amazed that El creepy isn't in on the births making sure their purity isn't compromised... Sicko

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