Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray: We're Getting Married on TV!

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They say first impressions are everything, but if that were the case, Andi Dorfman would be engaged to Nick Viall right now and not Josh Murray.

The Bachelorette star gave Nick her first impression rose. Josh? "He walked out of the limo and I thought, 'Oh, I'm in trouble,'" Andi recalls nnow.

"I thought, 'He's got to have a big ego.' I almost sent him home the first night!"

How quickly things changed for Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray.

"At a certain point I realized, 'He's my type,' but he's totally different than anybody else I've dated," she says, and despite Nick's valiant efforts, the rest is history.

Murray proposed, and their heartwarming final rose ceremony will soon be followed up by an encore that will make it official. Says a show insider, "They'll marry soon."

And on TV! People confirms a TV wedding is in the works for the couple, a la successful Bachelor(ette) stars Jason Mesnick, Ashley Hebert and Sean Lowe in recent years.

One of her first orders of business, though? A place to call home.

Dorfman claims she's "ready to get out of Atlanta," but she doesn't have an alternative in mind. "I love L.A., but I always wanted to do New York for a couple of years."

Of course, Murray will have a say too ... and he lives in Atlanta.

"They'll get a place and live together, for sure," says the source, while Andi and Josh have said that moving in together is going to happen right away.

Then the whirlwind of cake tasting and dress shopping commences. "Josh and Andi have made very rough wedding plans," reveals the show insider.

"They'll go into full planning mode now that the season is done."

While no date has been set, look for the nuptials to take place sometime in the spring, with ABC cameras rolling. After The Bachelor finale in March, perhaps?

For now, just enjoying each and every day with Josh is her goal.

"With Josh," says Dorfman, "I'll have a goofy, giddy life!"


There ought to be online sites where people can place bets on how long they think celebrity and celebrity-wannabe's marriages will last.


Josh........RUN !!!!!


I just wonder that why Andi such in harry to get marry after just got engaged . It is so weird ,I never heard that any of them of bachelorette history. She worried to loose Josh ...

Melody patterson

NY or LA huh? Of course...they're all in it for the fame and what better place to live your life quietly as a newlywed couple. Puke!!!!!!


Warning: when having sexual intercourse with a female like Andi, you must use Jimmy Hat condoms.


I wouldn't want to marry a chick that makes out to the whole guy town, profess that she's in love with all of them, slept and mislead a guy and on top of that get engaged the next day! Wow, I'm not sure if Josh is using his brain on this one, this is so much of a RED FLAG already! I would beware of such a thing, regardless of looks of status she have, but personality is nasty and no morals at all. Nick should be thankful, it's more like a blessing in disguise for him and as for JOsh, I wouldn't be proud to include such a thing to my family..

@ Zeus

Apparently you don't's a 'process'....LOL! That always makes me laugh, when they talk about believing in the 'process''s musical chairs and whoever is standing at the end wins!


Well of course they're getting married on tv. She wouldn't have it any other way. This from someone who did a lot of ring flashing and commenting about it ad nauseum. This from someone who talks about push presents. She comes off as very materialistic. Hope Josh can support her in the fashion that she thinks she should be supported in.


Do you really think a realationship will be all this fun! Its fun now because they are in the spot light. Just wait until 1:am feeding when Andi looks like the rest of us a 1am and the baby is crying and your both tired believe me it can be very stressful I have been married for 25 years to a very nice guy and we have 2 grown children all I am saying is everything is not perfect and you have to work with each other and I don't see Josh lasting with this. It's all a big game for him!


GACK! I hope not! Go away ANDY! Stay AWAY!


Of course you $$ hungry dingbats are, anything to extend that 15 minutes...#LAME

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